Another 3D rendering of the next-generation iPhone 5

iPhone 5
Current rumors point to a barely modified design for the iPhone 5 compared to the iPhone 4S. In addition to Martin Hajek now visualized also Invent Help the next generation iPhone in a separate concept. Which is best depends on both the 3D renderings to you?
New day, new iPhone 5 concept. About the current rumors about the upcoming generation iPhone by now everyone should
well know. Finally, we showed you earlier numerous sketches, pictures, videos and even 3D renderings.
iPhone 5 compared
iPhone 5 compared

Invent Help also now created its own 3D-rendered iPhone 5, which was created according to the latest rumors. Compared to Martin Hajek's concept of the black version of the iPhone 5, the current rendering is not much different. However, Invent Help rests his design concept to much of the iPhone 4S.
3D-rendered iPhone 5
3D-rendered iPhone 5

Concept of Invent Help

Concept by Martin Hajek
What do you think the new iPhone rendered 5? Which concept do you like better, or that of Hajek's Invent Help? We look forward to your opinions!
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