All bugs iOS 6 Beta 2 by Apple

 iOS 6 Beta 2
How did last month for the beta 1 of ios 6, let's see what bugs are on the second release of the new IOS released ten days ago by Apple;

in this time frame you have, in fact, presented new and old bugs that make the beta is still unstable, though less than the first release.

As usual, remember that the article is constantly updated, so we ask your cooperation in order to update the list of problems plaguing the new IOS:

1. Keyboard: the vowels are often pronounced incorrectly by iPhone or is there a delay in displaying the words you type;
2. Syrians often is imprecise and does not recognize the commands;
3. Sounds: the sounds of the keyboard has a slight delay;
4. Problems viewing on iTunes, review the stars are replaced by black lines, or display of strings of code instead of the usual words "install / purchase";
5. Problems viewing the app. native settings that sometimes returns a blank screen (iPad only);
6. The new version of WiFi iPad can lose the connection stays connected to the internet although wifi;
7. General slowdowns and problems with scrolling on the iPhone 4;
8. Significant battery consumption on iPhone 4 you can have a duration of 20-25% less than IOS 5;
9. Lower reactivity in the processing of HDR images on the iPhone 4;
10. Failures persist Whats App often does not display the messages received until after a restart of the app.;
11. Facebook updates and Twitter notifications made ​​by the center are very slow;
12. Major overheating of the phone antenna side;
13. IPod touch having problems viewing youtube videos
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