iPhone 5, iPad Mini iPod nano and presentation on 12 September

iPhone 5 and iPod mini
If the sources of iMORE be right, so could the new generation of iPhone 5 and iPod mini, and the small iPad early September, will be presented. One week after the keynote to the iPhone 5 even go on sale.
A new report from iMORE claims that they have received more detailed information about an upcoming Apple Keynote from internal sources. According to Apple to introduce a new

How to Jailbreak the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch using Redsn0w Mountain Lion

Mac OS X Mountain Lion
Now the wait is finally over and Apple has released Mac OS X Mountain Lion on the App Store, we can all sit back and relax in the knowledge that our Mac operating system have the latest and most advanced in the world. These are the words of Apple, not ours. The initial popularity of Mountain Lion is in the eyes of all, with the positive reviews on the Mac App Store where the

Come further details on the release of the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and new iPod Touch.

Following the rumors came out this morning on the possible release of the iPhone 5 and iPadMini to September, iLounge now offers some additional details on asituazione. In the article we published this morning, we reported the possibility of seeing the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini first time, instead of October, they might come at the end of September, to be precise 21.

Apple publishes 3 new commercials value of the work of Genius

Apple's new
Apple's new commercials and public doble as the main character is a Genius, struggling to help customers in difficulty. The daily work of these figures is particularly evident in the situations where you are in the commercials have some unique features.
In this series of commercials the Californian company has no plans to exhibit the characteristics of their products but just to

Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 and Apple TV

Apple TV
Finally the long awaited moment has come from owners of Apple TV, and not only for the introduction of new AirPlay Mirroring feature in OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain. Now you can send any screen Mac on Apple TV using AirPlay.
The Mirror in AirPlay is a great way to share and start streaming to Apple TV, the function is always available,

Tweak LiveClock: animates the clock icon for iOS 5

All users wishing to customize your iDevice after upgrading to iPhone iOS 5 you will be disappointed as the developer of LiveClock tweak has failed to incorporate compatibility with the latest mobile operating system that Apple has released.
Today we announce that we recently introduced Ryan Petrich compatibility with iPhone iOS 5.xx For those not familiar with

Apple 4 million records sold since the beginning years of Apple TV

Apple TV
The Apple device that classifies as "Hobby" is Californian record company give yourself the sales should not be overlooked. Even if the big bucks come from the usual iPhone and iPad, Cupertino devices with which derives the most revenue. The 4 million Apple TV sold beginning year is not a result that does not attract attention.

Tim Cook lets talk about the rumors iPhone 5

 iPhone 5
During the Q3 2012 conference, Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, has repeatedly addressed the rumors and speculation surrounding the new iPhone 5 and other Apple products.
The rumors probably refers to sites that take reference from the usual Apple to release new cards and notecards each year and anticipate the calendars of publications on the following year.

iPhone 5: Demand is already skyrocketing, data in hand!

iPhone 5
A recent article published by ChangeWare suggests a possible launch date of iPhone 5 September 21, also revealed that interest in purchasing the new Apple smartphone is already sky high, so that easily surclasserà sales of all models iPhone earlier. Gene Munster was right when he called the iPhone 5 "mother of all updates"!

iTypeWriter: the sound of a typewriter for your iPhone

 Cydia developer
If you follow the news a little Mac, you may have heard of a little program called Noisy Typer, since it has rather been about him. The principle is simple iTypeWriter, it runs in the background and insert the sound of a typewriter every time you press a keyboard key, ideal for fans!
That surely has given ideas to Cydia developer, one in

Pegatron will also have launched iPhone 5 production

iPhone 5 th
Sources report the first time outside of Asia to the production start of the next generation iPhone. Trusted sources of industry portal expressed DigiTimes that Pegatron, a maximum of Apple's suppliers, the production of the iPhone 5 has started. Are to be manufactured or assembled the devices in the factory in Shanghai.

Apple will offer adapters for the iPhone 5 Dock Connector

iPhone 5
The present new evidence from the sources iMORE's seem a little surprising: Apple is supposed to provide an adapter for the new, smaller 19-pin connector. However, this is probably not included with the next-generation iPhone.
Many sources report that the next generation iPhone 5 will be equipped with a small dock connector. Thus, the large 30-pin

Animated Clock Icon now also compatible with iOS 5.1.1

Cydia App
Live Clock ansich is not a useful app, but it brings a stylish feature to your home screen. The Cydia App namely the animated clock icon so that it always displays the current time. The jailbreak tweak has now been updated for iOS 5.1.1.
Many of you probably know more developed by Ryan Petrich Cydia App Live Clock, which animates the clock icon on the

Apple is waiting for the presentation of the iPhone 5 by next October!

 iPhone 5
This time could be confirmed! According to a report last night, Pegatron (Chinese partner of Apple), has begun production of the new generation iPhone!
At this point, in terms of timing, the report has much meaning. Consider especially the fact that Apple is waiting for the presentation of the iPhone 5 by next October!

The fix for the flaw in-app purchases impossible to circumvent

flaw in-app purchases
You are surely aware of the case of in-app purchases via a free hack does not require a jailbreak [Read: The system in-app purchasing bypassed by a hacker Russian]. Apple was then quick to react, and gave developers the means to protect themselves, while claiming six IOS rule definitively the problem [read: in-app purchase: Apple provides a temporary solution,

Mobile operators are testing the Nano SIM in collaboration with Apple

Nano SIMIt is the beginning of the week the news that European mobile operators are accumulating Nano SIM in the hope that this technology will be integrated into the iPhone 5. The new Apple smartphone should be thinner, so you may need to use them, since the Nano SIM occupy 40% less space than current Micro SIM!

With the release of Beta 3 iOS 6 improves compatibility with Apple iPhone 3G

 iPhone iOS 6
The compatibility of the new operating system has always pushed the users of the Apple world to buy the latest product of California. In this case we talk about iPhone iOS 6, which as we informed some months ago will be compatible with the iPhone 3G, although the main new feature will be gone or incremented.Quest solution was taken from Couperin to make the iPhone third generation cheaper than the iPhone.

AppleNBerry announces a new solution for unlocking baseband 04.11.08 the iPhone

baseband 04.11.08
AppleNBerry has announced a new solution for unlocking the iPhone AT & T iPhone foreigners through the IMEI. AppleNBerry now provides a permanent solution to unlock the iPhone through the IMEI for all models of iPhone AT & T. Just enter the serial number and IMEI dell' iPhonecon any IOS and with any baseband.

New meetings between executives Tim Cook and Samsung for patent affair

CEOs of Apple
After a first encounter between the two CEOs of Apple and Samsung to try to reach a resolution between the parties of countless litigation relating to patents of both companies over the past two days, and Tim Cook Korean executives have again always met to discuss this issue.
The first meeting was decided by the California judge who is in any way trying to find a solution before it is extra-judicially

The Russian Hacker extends the hack sull'in app purchase even on the Mac AppStore app

Borodin Russian hackers
We have seen in recent weeks as the Borodin Russian hackers has found a new method to perform a hack to consumers shopping in app purchase from Apple that allows the download of such content in a manner entirely free.
It is so turned on a battle between Apple and hackers attempting to find ways to curb this serious problem that is penalizing their own sales and those of developers, but despite

The iOS 6 fill the security flaw in-appstore.com

iOS 6 unlock
Apple has begun sending emails to its developers with more information about the hack in-app purchases discovered by a Russian that allows users to make purchases in-app for free.
The email contains a link to a new page on the Apple developer site, to review progress on the issue, and offer a temporary solution. It also indicates that a permanent patch is coming in iOS 6.

First Nano SIM card tests for the iPhone 5

nano-SIM cards
Not only European carrier to equip themselves with the new nano-SIM cards that have been recently adopted as an international standard. U.S. mobile operator to perform initial tests reportedly in cooperation with Apple. Will the iPhone 5, the first device with the tiny nano-SIMs?
According to BGR currently test all the major network operators, the new nano-SIM cards in cooperation with Apple. A few days

Another 3D rendering of the next-generation iPhone 5

iPhone 5
Current rumors point to a barely modified design for the iPhone 5 compared to the iPhone 4S. In addition to Martin Hajek now visualized also Invent Help the next generation iPhone in a separate concept. Which is best depends on both the 3D renderings to you?
New day, new iPhone 5 concept. About the current rumors about the upcoming generation iPhone by now everyone should

iOS 6 beta 3 expires on September 30

iOS 6 beta 3
The little ritual that takes place every output of a new beta version comes again to achieve, namely several hackers and developers who communicate Cydia on their Twitter expiration date of the version in question. IOS and like 6 beta 3 has just been put online [Read: iOS 6 beta 3 is available], it is as often iH8sn0w that we communicate through a tweet:

Redsn0w is updated to support the Tethered Jailbreak for iPhone iOS 3 beta 6!

iPhone iOS 3 beta 6
A few hours since the release of iPhone iOS 3 beta 6, The iPhone Dev-Team has already released an update to the beta version of the popular Jailbreak redsn0w tool, which comes to version 0.9.13dev3 and will allow owners of compatible devices to perform Tethered jailbreak the latest iPhone iOS beta 6!

Jailbreak iOS 6 update for the new iOS 6 Beta 3 - Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3

Jailbreak iOS 6
The dev team responded very quickly once again on the third release of the new iOS 6 Beta Just a few hours after the release redsn0w 0.9.13dev3 is available for download, a 6 beta iOS to enable 3 Jailbreak.
Developers working on the new iOS 6 Beta 3 updateten and wanted to jailbreak it, saw a little surprise. So far, it was in fact

@ iCloud.com mail addresses with iOS 6 release in the fall

With the release of the new iOS 6 beta 3 Apple announced new e-mail addresses to its users. All icloud users therefore have the opportunity to register eigene@iCloud.com-Adressen. They should also alten@me.com-Adressen are automatically converted into the new icloud addresses.
Once the final version of IOS 6 in the autumn of this year is published, all icloud users will have the opportunity to create

How to Reset iOS 6 Password if I have Forgotten to your iPhone

iOS 6 Cydia
If you have forgotten your password, provide most of the portals a way to reset it. IOS offers this feature, however. The Cydia App plan B but now you have a second opportunity to get access to your iPhone, even if you should ever have forgotten the password.
If you forget the password of his mobile phone, this is more than annoying. Finally, in this case are simply a lot of personal data

iOS 6 beta 3 is available - WWDC 2012

iOS 6 beta 3
Apple just made available for developers iOS 6 beta 3. These can download the firmware without using iTunes, and thus prefer the method 'Over-the-air' for iPhone 4S update weighs 347 MB The changelog includes "fixes problems and improvements" without further additional details. The build of this version is available 10A5355d and sees three weeks after the last beta.

Russian servers bypassing the in-app purchase blocked by Apple

Russian servers
We mentioned three days ago, a Russian hacker has managed to circumvent the protections of Apple regarding in-app purchases, it could be made to believe the application that he had paid for additional content, without this being the case. He even explained the procedure, it is an attack type Man-In-The-Middle [Read: The system in-app purchasing bypassed by a

iOS 6: is available for developers to third beta 2! - [UPDATED ]

iOS 6
Three weeks after the release of Beta 2,  back on iOS 6 Developers' Center with the third beta version. The new version is currently only available as an OTA update and will arrive in a few hours for the download link. Ipsw file (for which we will keep you updated of course)!
There are no available official release notes, but most likely the improvements will all be present depending on the

Jailbreak iOS 6 beta 3 available with Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3

Jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 3
The Dev Team makes available tonight 0.9.13dev3 redsn0w to jailbreak iOS 6 beta 3 was released a few hours. As usual, this jailbreak is limited. In addition to being tethered, it is supported only by a handful of devices (iPod touch 4G, iPhone 3G and iPhone 4). As a reminder, a tethered jailbreak requires the user to have a computer nearby if he wants to rekindle his camera.

New photo of a white iPhone 5 Front emerged

iPhone 5
A sensation is this now long gone, eventually we could in the past few weeks have seen some body parts of the iPhone 5th Nevertheless, the white version of the iPhone 5-front was not yet there.
In recent weeks we have often leaked parts of the body next generation iPhone 5-to see photos. So far, lacking really onlythe front panel in white. This now provides for Apple.pro.

iPhone 5: Apple It may be presented on August 7!

iPhone 5
Last year, Apple has changed the refresh cycle of its most popular product, the iPhone 5. Instead of presenting a new model in the summer, as he had done in previous years, he waited until October to reveal to the public the iPhone 4S ...

According to leading industry blogs and sites, it is very likely that it will happen again this year with the highly anticipated

Lockwee, allows you to add widgets to Lockscreen - Cydia

The lock screen is a section of the iDevice which is already very rich tweak dedicated, so that continues to be one of the most popular! As with the tweak that I present to you today, LockWee, a tweak that will allow us to add widgets to the LockScreen, and access by swiping your finger on the clock!

LockWee install a dedicated menu in Settings. There are

The new iPhone 5 reproduced in a prototype appeared online

iPhone 5
Important day today with regard to rumors on the new Apple iPhone 5, after several news and images related to alleged pieces of this device will now appear images that portray the complete block of the new Apple device.

This product seems to be a very crude prototype, made ​​with

Update on the jailbreak for Apple TV 3 - Video

Apple TV 3
I know you are impatient to obtain a tool able to unlock your Apple TV 3 to third-generation or at least get some more information and given the recent comments, I try to keep you updated though to be honest, there are no big news to about.

Yesterday, the team has released an update FireCore ATV Flash 1.7 and between the various descriptions about what's

Why it is necessary to know the original operator of the iPhone?

Why it is necessary to know the original operator of the iPhone?
Just because the iPhone is a smartphone and coveted as selling opportunity is growing but the original owners may not think to ask the Desimlock / release to their operator.

And often you are looking for a solution Desimlock for your iPhone, the more durable over time is of course to make the

In-App Purchase Hack: Apple examines the fault

Apple responds tonight in the case of hacking its system of In-App purchase appeared in the day (read: The system in-app purchasing bypassed by a hacker Russian). As a reminder, the In-App purchase allows the user to acquire a few options, objects, characters, etc. Additional applications within the App Store. These purchases have a cost that allow developers to reach an additional income. With just hack, anyone could buy

The control panel for windows iCloud 2.0 is available for developers

iCloud 2.0
Apple has provided developers to release the new control panel for icloud users who use Windows, so that even those not using a Mac can now get access to these services icloud directly from your home computer.
Who wants to use these features of icloud also on your desktop or laptop with Windows operating system will proceed with installing a special software called the Control Panel icloud

Facebook SDK 3.0 beta released, with features for iOS 6

Facebook for iOS 6
Facebook today released a beta version of the SDK 3.0 for IOS. It is the biggest update ever and includes features to Facebook integration to take place in iOS 6. The development kit also offers improved support for Facebook APIs. But most developers will look forward to the 6-IOS integration. Once iOS 6 released this fall, developers can benefit from it. They can seamlessly link their apps with all Facebook services such as

BookLock will block in the Favorites home screen! - [Cydia]

BookLock will block
How many times have you mistakenly deleted one of your favorite websites from your Home screen of your iPhone iOS device? If there has already happened, then BookLock, new tweak available on Cydia, is definitely for you!
Unfortunately, the developer of BookLock considered that this feature should not be free, then tweak costs $ 1.00 in the

The New iPhone 5 Sample Photos and Rumors

iPhone 5 New
The new iPhone 5 is expected, especially that of last year was supposed to receive a major overhaul but that ended on a "simple" iPhone 4 improved. 2012 is the right year since Apple is happily ready to unveil a new sixth-generation iPhone shiny new. Rumors of the previous month indicated the arrival of a 4-inch display that takes height and not width. GottaBeMobile today confirms the words through a sample

iPhone 4S: The 5 main complaint from owners

iPhone 4S:
FixYa, a community of online technical support, has published during the past weekend an interesting survey of the 5 most frequent problems reported by users regarding the most popular smartphones. Let's find out the details!
The data come from over 25 million users and 650 000 expert. The report covers the three most popular and technologically advanced phones of the moment: iPhone 4S, Nokia and

Apple to implement Wireless Charging for the iPhone 4S

iPhone Charging Wireless.
If you are still waiting for Apple to implement wireless charging for the iPhone, you'll have plenty of time to wait! For years now we hear about this technology, but in five generations of the smartphone, it has not yet arrived. However, if we know with electronics, you can equip it, yourself, your iPhone Charging Wireless.
As you can see from the image above, Tanveer, blogger and

The release of IOS 6 Beta 3 can be Today - [iH8sn0w]

IOS 6 Beta 3
The third beta of iPhone iOS 6 might be available today at 10:00 Pacific time, 19:00, in Italy! The news was broadcast the night Canadian hacker iH8sn0w. Apple has already released two beta versions of iPhone iOS 6, the first on 11 June after the opening keynote of WWDC 2012, the second on June 25.
Apple usually releases beta versions to test the software developer community to register before you upgrade to Gold

Nito TV ran the jailbreak Apple TV 2 with iPhone iOS 6 Beta 1

 iPhone iOS 6
For several minutes the well-known hacker Nito TV, has announced via Twitter that he ran the jailbreak iPhone iOS 6 beta 1 on Apple TV second generation, with the help of iH8sn0w.

From the few lines written in the tweet, we can not know if the jailbreak and 'type tethered or untethered, but we at least have

Apple and working to close the sites that offer the UDID registration

Apple and 'intention to close the sites that offer the UDID registration fee, users who do not have an account from the developer but also want to install the beta on their devices. Today the links, proposed by the most popular sites that offer this service, they are offline, even if in fact these devices are also recorded.

All bugs iOS 6 Beta 2 by Apple

 iOS 6 Beta 2
How did last month for the beta 1 of ios 6, let's see what bugs are on the second release of the new IOS released ten days ago by Apple;

in this time frame you have, in fact, presented new and old bugs that make the beta is still unstable, though less than the first release.

iFunBox: an alternative to iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

iFunbox is software that allows you to connect and explore its iDevice but also installs an application IPA format.
Fast to use, this software lets you make the most of your iDevice it is jailbroken or not, in this case only access to files from the media side of your iDevice is possible. Small precision: it is necessary to install OpenSSH in the case of a