New 3D maps will also be published for iOS 6

Jeff Huber
Apple introduced at WWDC 2012 before his own impressive mapping solution that comes with iOS 6 Google Maps will be banned according to new IOS devices. Google wants to give up its Maps app for IOS 6 but not yet and develop them further.

Jeff Huber, senior vice president for Commerce & Local at Google, commented on his Google Profile + compared to a
questioner that the search giant a stunning new Google Maps app will publish for IOS. Google also announced that is, similar to Apple, a new 3D maps app. Compare the two mapping solutions already in the pre-fall together, but very difficult. The new Maps app from Google will provide a 360 ° 3D view of a 45 ° angle. It will be the most major cities can also view bird's eye view. Like Apple implement its 3D effect, so far, unfortunately, is not yet known.

As far as navigation is Apple with its new app, however, have the edge. The impact will not be controllable by Siri and enable real-time traffic information. The traffic information is derived here from other iPhone users who are traveling with their device in the car and automatically record information on traffic flow.
New 3D maps
New 3D maps 
It would be nice in any case, if Apple is not the competition by restrictions on the AppStore in derogation. If only because not all IOS devices, the main features of the new Apple will support 3D maps app. The Google I / O, the developer conference of Google, will take place in two days. Even at this event, Google could publish its new 3D maps app. We are already excited about what will take us a week so and stay on the ball for you of course
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