MuscleNerd now upgrade RedSnow to solve the problems of Downgrade iOS

Downgrade iOS
New tweet posted by MuscleNerd that informs users that the release of a new version of RedSnow that will solve the problems related to downgrade the baseband.

In fact, several users in the process of downgrading baseband from 06.15.00 to 05.13.04 on iPhone 3G have reported compatibility problems that have not eprmesso to complete the
procedure successfully. So short is rilsciato an update that will resolve these issues and to make more stable the process of downgrading.

Recall that this procedure was limited to users, owners of the iPhone 3G foreigners, who in recent years, in order to unlock the baseband of your device and use it with the largest operator SIM, 06,15,00 avevavno installed the baseband on your iPad iPhone, allowing the unlock but destroy GPS functionality. Now this is reversible with the latest baseband version RedSnow released by the Dev Team.

Now this tool will be further improved, here are the words issued by the leader of the group, which MuscleNerd:
MuscleNerd now upgrade RedSnow
MuscleNerd now upgrade RedSnow 
Ok, we have because some iPhone 3G does not allow the execution of the downgrade of the baseband iPad. Will I be able to solve the problem after receiving another iPhone on loan, after the day on Thursday.

The problem may be due to some changes in NOR chips. The payload can be easily modified to handle these differences, but MuscleNerd needs the device to make the tests more specific and correct the problem. Stay tuned for more updates about.

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