MuscleNerd ads running the tethered jailbreak for iPhone OS 6.0 devices on A4

 tethered jailbreak for iPhone OS 6.0 devices on A4
Hackers after watching last night's keynote at Apple WWDC 2012 certainly were not looking, but have been concentrated on the new iPhone iOS 6.0 operating system released by Apple in its first beta version on Monday evening.

MuscleNerd, hackers known member of the Dev Team announced after less than twenty-four hours after the release of the new iPhone iOS 6.0 that has already been successfully performed the procedure on it using tethered jailbreak an iPod Touch 4G. This is not a front-page news in that the processor-A4 are jailbreakkabili for life regardless of what operating system is installed.

This was made possible by the exploit discovered very many months ago by Geohot and assembled in the tool limera1n that gerantisce execution of the tethered jailbreak devices with A4 processor due to the vulnerability that exploits a flaw in the bootrom, exploits a more difficult ever to find but it can run independently of the jailbreak new firmware installed. Speech differently as regards the jailbreak untethered of these devices and the devices for the latest generation processor A5, in fact, for these hackers will have to find another exploit that allows such a procedure. But questos and speak in a few months, as if that were the hackers find this new flaw, it will not be released until the exit of the final version of iPhone iOS 6.0.
MuscleNerd also emphasizes that we have an update soon that will allow RedSnow tethered jailbreak for iPhone iOS 6.0, this eprchรจ work to be performed is still high since some packages of the jailbreak, Cydia among them, are not currently running on IOS 6.0

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