Jailbreak: false Activator arrives on the App Store

The validation teams from the App Store do not seem good right now given the fish fillets they leave to sneak through. Last week, a false Cydia was not on its application store from Apple. Today it is still a newcomer in the world to invite the jailbreak. His name is none other qu' Activator, adapted from the jailbreak certainly know this tweak. With the user can activate several
functions using shortcuts (eg: a scan on the status bar to reveal SBSettings). Except that the App Store does absolutely not the results of the moose, although the product description as the sale thereof. Furthermore, the images that are used for illustrative Activator, the tweak to Ryan Petrich. Blow to the developer who sees the second of its products made ​​available on the App Store. Until recently, an imitation of Display Recorder made ​​his debut.
false Activator arrives on the App Store
false Activator arrives on the App Store
Indeed, after downloading, the first users report that this is nothing but an application to create wallpapers, most importantly of poor quality. Apple must respond especially since the price is 0.79 €. Cydia for false, she had arranged in the hours that followed. It remains to determine what the future holds for this time of false Activator.
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