iPhone - SFR WiFi Auto Connect available within days

iPhone: SFR WiFi Auto Connect
After months of waiting, SFR customers will finally be able to enjoy the Auto Connect Wi-Fi service on iPhone and iPad. To believe the information available on the website of SFR WiFi Auto Connect should be unveiled in the coming days (Monday?). But in fact, Auto Connect Wi-Fi, what art aquo?
Behind this name hides a system that will allow SFR to subscribers who have an iDevice iOS 5 to switch their 3G connection on the WiFi network around them, without having to enter a username and a password. Everything is done automatically.

Only drawback, it will apparently have to ensure its WiFi permanently enabled (in the settings) so that the connection is made. Connectivity operates on SFR hotspot. According to our colleagues at Gizmodo, operator test its system for 6 months using the EAP-SIM technology. On paper, the system looks pretty attractive, especially qu'SFR uses access to 4 million neufbox French but also millions of hotspots in FON's partner now in France as in other countries the world. Unfortunately, this presence abroad will not be exploited by SFR should use the Auto Connect only in France ... The operator reported that it had signed a partnership with Naxos, telecom subsidiary of RATP, for increase the number of WiFi access points in the Paris metro.
SFR WiFi Auto Connect available within days
SFR WiFi Auto Connect available within days
Note that Free Mobile system has already activated its EAP-SIM switching from 3G to WiFi automatically, since last April. It allows subscribers to use the 4 million Freebox as hotspots. The service is called Mobile Free and Secure FreeWifi like that of SFR allows it to connect automatically and secure (thanks to its SIM card and an IP address automatically) and unlimited WiFi community network Free.

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