iPhone 5: confirmed the mini 19-pin Dock connector!

19-pin Dock connector!
The rumors that Apple is abandoning the existing 30-pin Dock connector in favor of a smaller chase relentlessly from the start of the year. Since then, we saw a long list of alleged members and concept of the iPhone 5, all of the new mini with dock connector. On the night TechCrunch has finally confirmed the

Here is an extract from the report:
" Although the actual shape and size are still unknown, we have verified through independent sources by Apple in Cupertino are working to equip the next iPhone with a dock connector, replacing the current 19 pin to 30 pin. This is a business move that deeply shockerà the entire ecosystem of accessories for the iPhone.

The new dock connector will have a shape similar to the Thunderbolt port available on the most recent Mac! "
It is worth noting that TechCrunch has a roadmap very accurate as regards the rumors about Apple. Last on the list, what about some features of IOS 6, issued a few days before the official June 11.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
It seems that Apple is finally ready to face this change. According to some recent indiscretions, you are trying to optimize the space iPhone 5, so as to leave space to the screen by 4 inches and the chip LTE, while reducing the thickness of the device of about 20%.

It will be interesting to see how consumers will react to this dock connector smaller, because it will make millions of iPhone accessories. This "game" is always in the world of mobile phones, a sign of technological progress and design.
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