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The popular iOS 5 Sidebar deck is now available for the iPad. The developers adapted to the interface and the animations of the large (retinal) display, so that works just as smoothly as HD Deck the iPhone version. Functionally, both apps, so deck and HD, the same.

The Cydia App deck for the development team SBCoders a
complete success. With it you can get up after installing a new sidebar use, on which there are a lot of app shortcuts, Systm-toggles and other functions. Immediately after the release was followed by an update with even more useful features.

But this update did not iPad compatibility. Well, after about 3 months SBCoders published a new version of HD deck, called Deck. As the name suggests, is behind the iPad version of the popular jailbreak tweaks. HD deck has the same functions as its "little brother" deck. A review, so we save. You can easily cover our review (link above) to use the iPhone to keep you informed about all the features of the app before buying.
iPad version of IOS 5 published sidebar
iPad version of IOS 5 published sidebar
If you have purchased cover for your iPhone, this issue can unfortunately not be charged with the new HD-deck version. HD deck is therefore available to all interested parties for $ 1.99 on the Modmyi repo for download.
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