iOS 6, Siri for iPad 3, Facebook integration, Apple iTV & firmware retina Macs

WWDC 2012th
WWDC 2012th It takes place from 11-15. June in San Francisco. Tim Cook will certainly open up the event. Also expected are Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller, marketing chief, who will probably take the biggest presentations.

But what can we really expect from this year's WWDC? There is much speculation about what new features are introduced, but there are only a few facts.

If we still continue with the first fact. A new version of IOS:

iOS 6

At the WWDC banners can be seen clearly that IOS will be 6 to look at each case on the developer conference. However, the developers conference calls not for nothing that developers conference. Apple will release that is only a first beta version of its developer.

So far is not really known sideman, which will bring with it new features to iOS 6. According to earlier rumors of the iBookstore, AppStore, and iTunes Store will receive a major update. The actual interface of IOS will not change, however. Thus, the home screen will still not be equipped with its widgets.

Should be revised, but all the buttons. These are converted instead of the blue color in a siblings design. Finally, should also be officially implemented (ie without Cydia apps) shortcuts, WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness or other settings. We may also see this directly in Toogles Notification Center.

Another is about 6 iOS not yet known. Nevertheless, in advance, of course, some considerations were made that could improve everything. Two great concepts provide the designer Isac Bertran and Joost van dear Ree.

Siri for the iPad

All indications suggest that Apple will release Siri also for his iPad. So far, can be used on the iPad 3 only a stripped down version of the language assistants, or put another way: So far, only the voice recorder is available. At least the new iPad 3, the "full version" received from Siri.
Siri for the iPad
Siri for the iPad
Furthermore, Siri API could be released or announced. This would make it possible for app developers to control the language assistant. This would e.g. Speech input within apps possible. So you can finally own voice commands can create.

Further software upgrades

In addition to these major updates Apple will also introduce minor changes. This is to the search engine Baud for Chinese to the default search engine. Continue to iOS known Mac OS X Lion Mountain will feature. This includes for example merging search bar and address bar in mobile safari. Continue to be available, which allows you to immediately stop all notifications in the settings a "Do Not Disturb" button.

Furthermore, Apple will probably make a new app-tracking tool available to developers, which Aggie without UDID. This is the privacy of the users are better protected.

Facebook integration

We owe Apple is also a Facebook integration into IOS. With iOS 5 was indeed integrated Twitter Facebook are not. However, the integration of Facebook temporarily stayed in several development versions of IOS 5 was implemented. In the final version of the feature, however, Apple took out again.

Apple's 3D mapping

In recent weeks we have reported several times about an alleged new 3D maps app from Apple. This will have an impressive 3D maps and react to Google's 3D mapping solution. Should Apple introduce its own 3-D mapping, the group will leave from the integration of Google Maps.
Apple's 3D mapping
Apple's 3D mapping
icloud improvements

The synchronization of media elements such as photos or videos to be improved. So Apple is reportedly planning the synchronization of video on the photo stream. Furthermore, it should be possible to share their photos and photo albums with other icloud users and comment.

Even open tabs in Safari are registered can be synchronized with icloud devices.

The iPhone 5

Maybe Apple will also introduce the new generation iPhone. Alerdings this is extremely unlikely. The release of the new iPhone will probably take place between September and October. According to an announcement at this time would simply be too early. But you never know ...
Should be announced the iPhone 5 really is, we get 4G LTE device offers a new page size and an HD FaceTime camera. Apple will continue to focus on his new nano-SIM, which was adopted as an international standard.
The iPhone 5
The iPhone 5
About the technical specifications is as yet little known. Only it is clear that Apple will probably block a modification of the known A5X chips. Accordingly, we shall probably only a dual-core CPU in the iPhone 5th

The iPhone 5 could eventually look like this:

Apple iTV

A separate Apple TV is in discussion for months. At WWDC 2012, however, no idea of ​​this device is expected. However, we could obtain initial information on such a TV. For thus the firmware could be presented.

Apple iTV
Apple iTV
That we can still expect an Apple TV this year, however, is still very likely. Peter Misek once held all the information about the upcoming TV device, which could probably be published under the name iPanel together.

Retina Macs

I would like to conclude this article with a preview the new Macs. During the WWDC 2012, we shall probably all look forward to new Macs. So many clues to suggest that the rumors you may now view as confirmed. The Apple Online Store has been offline for hours. I prepare about to start direct sales to the opening of the WWDC?

The new Macs will work with the latest Intel chips and have Ivy Bridge retina displays. Especially the little 13-inch MacBooks will receive a major update. Thus, all optical drives and HDD's are removed. Therefore, the MacBook will only work with flash memory (SSD). Thus, the MacBooks are kept extremely low.

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