Insteon brings iPhone with controllable LED lamp

Insteon brings iPhone with controllable LED
Insteon brings iPhone with controllable LED lamp has a new bulb made ​​with an iPhone app can be controlled. This you do not have such a new table lamp buy, but you replace only the light herein confirmed by Insteon's LED lamp. This communicates with a special hub, giving you the lamp with the
iPhone app can control. The app lets you not only the lamp on or off, but also adjust the brightness.

There are quite some electrical devices in the home that can be controlled with an iPhone app. Among others, the Dutch Home Wizard has several switches that plugs into a station, giving you everything from the iPhone can do. When you're alone lamps often rely on a whole new lamp, or a switch at the outlet. Because Insteon system integrates itself into the lamp, you do not need to buy extra lights or switches.

While Insteon lamp's a fairly minimalist solution to automate your lights, you're quite a bit of money to spend. The lamp itself is sold for $ 29.95. This amount is to overlook when you only buy one, but several lights shoot the price up pretty fast though. In addition, you also need a drive that is sold for $ 100. Dutch buyers should also wait: Due to great interest at the moment the web shop shipped only to U.S. customers.

Remote Controllable LED Bulb from INSTEON - Video

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