How to Jailbreak untethered iOS 6 for A5 devices

How to Jailbreak untethered iOS 6
Sun uses iOS 6 which is a new security technology called KASLR (Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization). Even in iOS 4.3 Apple had used this technique (ERJ). This has now decreased but still it is at the kernel level

But what does this mean to jailbreak? In principle, lead iOS was the only code that was signed by Apple. If you can find a loophole, you can perform   similar exploit which will have its own program code. However KASLR job is to prevent this from happening, (or the payload can be carried out via ROP). When some process is loading KASLR randomly assigns this address, so that is not pre-determinable, so technically the processes which are placed in the storage area must be exploited. Countermeasure: We duplicated the malicious code which basically is a large storage area.

Currently, additional KASLR exploits are needed to make possible the jailbreak of iOS 6. However, there is a possibility that there is a large pool of unused techniques despite KASLR that can be used to jailbreak iOS 6. Unfortunately  this still have not been tested.
iOS jailbreak
iOS jailbreak

But I am afraid that jailbreaking A4 devices will be very difficult. Even with the introduction of KASLR a jailbreak for all devices with A4 processor will be tethered at least possible. Musclenerd showed that there is a very short delay in jailbreaking iPhone iOS 6 on its 4G touch. (All other A4 devices will also be tethered jailbreakbar) This he achieved through the jailbreak limera1n exploit, Apple may conclude with any firmware in the world. Finally, this gap is the chipset of the device.

This is different for the A5 devices. Prior to this another bootrom exploit couldn’t be found. The hacker must therefore go to higher levels in search of exploits.

The Rocky Racoon exploit which was used in iOS 5.1.1 was, of course, closed in iOS 6. This seems that for this user land it is not a proper exploit that should be applied. Same goes for the well-known vulnerabilities such as the comex of the year 2010.

Jailbreak untethered iOS 6 for A5 devices
Jailbreak untethered iOS 6 for A5 devices
In summary: So far, check out our Jailbreaker iOS 6 on and to try to understand the new firmware. It is of course no secret that iOS 6 is the hardest to jailbreakende IOS firmware of all time - and this is not only the new KASLR. A4 devices that are released with IOS 6 may be tethered jailbreak bar. How to jailbreak to untethered jailbreak devices or A5 looks, is looming in the coming months. We will keep you posted via Facebook or here on the blog you posted!

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