How to downgrade your baseband 06.15 iPad iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G

How to downgrade your baseband 06.15
As announced a few days ago by MuscleNerd, the hacker member of the Dev-Team and developer of redsn0w, the downgrade baseband 06.15 iPad is finally available.
To recap the injection of 6.15 baseband on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G can, after installing Ultrasn0w 1.2.7, the Desimlock
the iPhone. However, several problems have come added the inability to perform updates without going through the creation of a custom firmware and often the loss of the GPS see the loss of WiFi and in some cases the loss of the baseband!

Today it is finally possible to free your iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G baseband 06.15 using redsn0w to return to the 05.13 baseband that can unlock 1.2.7 with Ultrasn0w available in Cydia after performing the jailbreak.
  1. Here's how to downgrade the baseband to 06.15 on iPhone 3G and 3G:
  2. Download redsnow 0.9.14b1pour Mac or Windows
  3. Start with redsn0w for windows xp compatibility and run as an administrator
  4. Select Extra / IPSW and tell the IOS installed on your iPhone and turn it off
  5. Select Back / Jailbreak and check "Downgrade baseband from iPad"
  6. Mettez.votre iPhone in DFU redsn0w and let go, if you already install├ęCydia do not check "Jailbreak"
For those who have not the baseband 6.15 and that their version is not taken into account by Ultrasnow 1.2.7, you can install the iPad 06.15 baseband and perform the downgrade except for the iPhone 3Gs manufactured after week 34 of 2011 is a serial number greater than xx134 ...

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