All the bugs of the first beta of iOS 6 - WWDC

All the bugs of the first beta of iOS 6
These days many of us have installed on their devices the first beta of iOS 6, the new operating system for Apple's mobile devices at the last WWDC.

Our guide, if properly executed, will install the beta without
being part of the program developers.

How many have tried to install the beta but might have faced some problems, such as instability of the devices, malfunction or failure, typical of all beta release versions of the iOS released by Apple only to allow sviluppatrori to refine its operation and make it compatible with third-party programs before arriving at the final release Install Siri on iPhone 4.

Well, installed the beta on my iphone 4 I have not encountered any particular problems, everything went smoothly, in the installation, which results in the operation of the phone quite stable after the first two days of normal use.

Something different to do, however, for my generation iPad 3 (wifi-only model), in this case, iPad, while connecting to the wifi network at home, could not connect to the internet.

Having, therefore, tried in every way to "digest" Internet iPad (in vain), I went in search of all bugs reported by users on the beta iOS 6, this list was looking for and that I think might go useful to many of you:
  • Location: the written characters are not counted;
  • Restart: after a reboot, if the sim is not immediately released, but you leave the device in standby, the sim is locked and no longer able to unlock it only with a reboot and then activating or deactivating flight mode. Moreover, to restart the brightness decreases.
  • App Store for iPad 2: Do not you see the Update button, but a code;
  • Siri: sometimes, when we ask for something, the sentence is not understood and appears in a string of programming code;
  • Sounds: the sounds of the keyboard has a slight delay
  • Pictures: some pictures are displayed as black;
  • Brightness: sporadic decreases in brightness
  • App Store Genius: The Genius feature is not available in the App Store iPhone OS 6;
  • The new version iPad WiFi: WiFi on some models do not work properly
  • IPhone Keyboard: accented letters are selected with much more precision;
  • FaceTime and Settings IMessage: Sometimes the device may crash if their settings are open;
  • Taking pictures from the Instagram app crashes;
  • Setting a new path with the Maps app, the application hangs and you have to close the multi-tasking;
  • Facebook Share Icon button overlay to the space reserved for twitter.
  • If you have found any bugs, possibly several, tell so that we can update the article.
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