Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone OS 5.1.1 From Absinthe 2.0 for Windows or Mac

 Absinthe 2.0
In a few hours we will have a new tool created by pod2g in collaboration with the Dev-Team Absinthe 2.0, understanding how the tools could speed up the jailbreak, as Absinthe, once installed on the device connects to a server created by Dev-Team, which allows the installation of Cydia. When issuing
imagine the influx of users and requests that arrive to the server, you may experience moments of blackouts caused by the server down or too busy, in this case beat time on my colleagues who might try to jailbreak be essential, rather than wait several days to find the free server.

CAUTION Be the first to run the jailbreak could be problematic, you may encounter some bugs or incompatibilities that the Dev-Team will attempt to recover within hours of the release.
Dev-Team Absinthe 2.0
Absinthe 2.0
Before using Absinthe:

In the hours prior to release is critical to back up your data, not to be caught off guard and make sure you can restore in case of problems.

How Absinthe is used:

Probably will be released the first version for Mac users but the hope is to get the tool for Windows.
  1. Absinthe Download to your PC / Mac
  2. Connect your device to your PC / Mac
  3. Run Absinthe
Absinthe v0.4: Mac - Windows - Linux

Now the tool performs the process automatically, if the new tool meets the characteristics of the previous, we will not even need to put our device into DFU mode
Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone OS 5.1.1
Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone OS 5.1.1
4) At the end of the process the device will reboot and Absinthe will begin to send the files necessary to install the loader

Do not use the device during this process

5) After the transfer we can disconnect the device from your PC / Mac

6) Open the application Absinthe that appear on the Home screen

Absinthe Now it connects to the server of the Dev-Team to complete the installation of Cydia, the icon at the end of Absinthe will be replaced with that of Cydia and your device is ready for use.

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