Unlock new animations for iOS 5

There are some Cydia apps through which you can choose between various Unlock effects. Among them include for example Unlock and UnlockFX. The new jailbreak tweak Unlock iOS developer John Coates brings you six more unlock animations. All six animations you can see in the following screenshots:

Named these (from left to right and from top to bottom) as follows:

  • fold to unlock
  • slice to unlock
  • fade to unlock
  • open blinds (metal)
  • blinds open (wide)
  • checker to unlock
Unlock new animations for iOS 5
Unlock new animations for iOS 5
Unlock also makes it possible to select multiple animations. This will of course be played simultaneously. If you have selected more than one unlock animations will play in any process unlock a different effect. . (in the order in which you are in the settings they fondest A small example: If you choose to fold and fade animation simultaneously, will play at the next unlock the fold over the next animation and unlock the fading animation.

This function should unlock the animations are never boring. The selection of effects, of course, before you take on their own tab in the IOS settings:

All animations are very smooth, without jerks or black screens from. Unlock is available for $ 1.99 via the BigBoss repo for download.

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