Apple wants to release iPhone OS 5.1.2? We are ready for iPhone OS 6 - Dev-Team

Apple wants to release iPhone OS 5.1.2
From the interview, edited by Eduard Kovacs who went to Amsterdam to get all the details on the conference "HackInTheBox", shows a bright future for what concerns the next iPhone OS 6. Eduard was able to interview pod2g and other members of the Dev-Team who spoke about the intention of
Apple to release iPhone OS 5.1.2 to counteract the work during the conference.

Pod2g confirms that IOS 5.1.2, if ever released, will not have a problem for the jailbreak, even with the release of iOS6.

We already have plans to run the set of jaibreak iOS6, now do not want to give up the jailbreak for iPhone OS 5.1.1 to wait for its release, this has been eagerly awaited by the community. For iOS6 we have a part to jailbreak possible through an exploit that today we do not want to reveal this is our secret. It allows us to inject things into new devices and to start the dump.

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