(Tutorial) Unlock your iPhone with any IOS using SAM

Unlock your iPhone with any IOS using SAM
With this tutorial you will release any iPhone, that is, iPhone 3G, 3G, 4 and 4S. It is functional in all including IOS IOS 5.1. The basic requirement is to have done the jailbreak on your iPhone. To get the unlock or unlock the tutorial you will get then is a bit
difficult, but the creator has said that SAM will be updated soon and the process much easier.

 IOS using SAM
Unlock your iPhone with any IOS using SAM

1 - You must have done in your iPhone Jailbreak.

2 - Install from Cydia SAM. You'll find it in the repo repo.bingner.com

3 - Open SAM will find the icon on the Spring Board.

4 - Enter the SIM of another carrier.

5 - Go to Utilities and select "De-Activate iPhone".

6 - Select "Method" in SAM and choose "By Country and Carrier."

Find your country and company (the original iPhone you have, not what you want to release).

7 - Go to "More Information" and copies the IMSI in "SAM Details".

8. - Click "Spoof Real SIM to SAM."

9 - Return to the main screen of SAM and change your method to Manual.

10 - Paste the IMSI that you copied earlier in his place.

11 - Connect your iPhone to iTunes and allows activation. Check that the parameter that appears in iTunes ICCID matches your SIM card, if it does not need to start from scratch.

12 - Disconnect your iPhone and close iTunes.

13 - Disable SAM (unchecking "Enabled"), or uninstall it completely.

14 - Connect your iPhone again and iTunes will give an error saying that your iPhone can not be activated. It is normal, close and reopen iTunes.

15 - You have your jailbroken iPhone, you should see the bars of coverage immediately.

16 - If Push notifications stop working you can fix them using SAM, just enter and click "Clear Push" and then connect to iTunes.

Note: The iPhone is free only for the SIM you put, it is not free for any company, if you want to switch companies to redo the whole process with the SIM you want to use.

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