[Tutorial] Sat: Unlock iPhone 3G - iPhone 4 - iPhone4S any baseband

iPhone4S any baseband
Good news for everyone, you can now unlock any iPhone on any baseband using Sat
This works for:

iPhone 3G
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iOS 5.0 / 5.0.1 IOS / IOS 5.1
baseband 1.0.14 / 1.0.13 / 1.0.11 / 4.12.01 / 4.11.08 / 4.10.01 / 2.10.04 / 05.16 / 05.15 / 05.14 /
Only the iPhone 4S iOS 5.1 baseband 2.0.10 is not yet supported because the jailbreak is not out yet, fortunately there is THE solution Unlock with the Sim-Nothing Else.

Note here that this method works for iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and 4S iPhone and know that:

This is a specific SIM unlock which means that once you unlock the iPhone with a SIM card of a specific operator, it will remain unlocked only for the sim card only: you can not the use with any other SIM card.

You will need to perform before a jailbreak your iPhone.

Here's how to unlock (unlock) your iPhone with SAM:

1: Start Cydia and add this source: Sat repo.bingner.com then install the sim card and insert the operator you want to unlock.

unlock (unlock) your iPhone with SAM
                       SAMPrefs iPhone

2: An icon on the springboard will SAMPrefs iPhone, tap it

3: Go to Utilities and De-select Active iPhone in the tab "More Information" you should see Unactivated.

4: Then go in and choose Method By Country and Carrier

      Choose your country in Country

      Carrier to choose on which the operator is blocked and select your iPhone SIM ID

5: Access More Information and copy the IMSI in SAM details and press Spoof Real SIM to Sat

6: Back to the first page of Sat settings and select Manual option in the Method then paste or type the IMSI number you saved in step 5.

7: Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer, start iTunes and wait (patiently) that iTunes activate your iPhone

8: Double-click "Phone" in iTunes and make sure that the ICCID number matches that of your iPhone if you have to start from Step 3.

Connect your iPhone via USB
Connect your iPhone via USB

9: Disconnect your iPhone,  iTunes, uninstall from Cydia Sat. (You can also simply turn off)

10: Connect your iPhone to iTunes again, you should get an error saying that your phone can not be activated, do not panic: just close iTunes and reopen it again.

11: You should see the signal bars in a short time, congratulations you have unlocked your iPhone

Push Notifications may not work then just open Sat, going to Utilities and select CLEAR PUSH.

Additional information:

Make a backup of the file / var / root / Library / Lockdown /
for those at Free you have to select: Country: France / Operator: Orange / SIM ID 20801
For the unlocked iPhone 4S iOS 5.0 to 5.1 baseband 2.0.10 you can purchase a Sim-Nothing Else for € 18.50 including shipping, over the Sim-Nothing Else activates the iPhone 4S

Edit: here is a video that will help you to Unlock iPhone with SAM:

In addition to this tutorial, here is how easily the operator know your original iPhone with iTools:

1: Download iTools for Windows.

2: Start iTools.

3: Connect your iPhone to PC.

Connect your iPhone to PC
Connect your iPhone to PC

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