SAM does not work anymore: Save your ticket activation before it is too late

SAM does not work anymore
As we have already had occasion to anticipate, Apple has closed the gaps in the iPhone activation servers that have enabled many users unlock using the SAM tool. The news was confirmed to us by many readers, throughout the day affected by
the error in activation of the SIM. Those who have already unlocked their iPhone should run for cover, saving the ticket activation of the SAM, according to MuscleNerd, will always be used!

In fact the word end to the features of SAM has not yet been officially announced, although it is very low, the success rate reported in the last few hours ...

The good news for those who have already unlocked their iPhone and saved the ticket activation, which may yet unlock the iPhone 5 even if you restore via iTunes! With the following guide will explain how to restore the release of Italian SIM in a few easy steps!

Important: If you have not yet saved the activation of tickets, do so immediately with redsn0w or SAM!

Note: To unlock the phone after the restore, the iPhone will necessarily be jailbroken, you obviously need the backup of the folder Lockdown, run properly after the release. You will also need an application of cloud-sharing, such as DropBox, within which you are going to keep the ticket activation of your SIM Italian to be able to download and use, you can perform the procedure with other methods of file sharing but DropBox is certainly the easiest to use!

SAM does not work anymore

Unlock Guide for the recovery of SIM after restoring with iTunes

1. Place the SIM card for which you saved the activation of tickets.

2. Using iFile navigate to the folder / var / root / Library. Tap Edit in the upper right and select Lockdown, touch the button zip (second from left in the bottom bar) to create a current backup of the folder Lockdown. Rename it so easily recognizable. Scroll down to see the file. Zip backup was created. Now delete the folder Lockdown by pressing the trash icon.

3. Open the file and try DropBox. Zip file to the ticket activation of your SIM Italian. Open the file. Zip with iFile and select the option Unarchiver (Unlimited / Unzip). So doing the folder lockdown decomprimerete in default location (usually the folder var / mobile / Documents).

4. Once inside the Documents folder, and select Edit (Edit) in the upper right, select LockDown and tap the clipboard (the last on the right bottom bar) to copy the folder LockDown. Select Finish to conclude the operation.

5. Navigate to the / var / root / Library, and tap Edit in the upper right corner, tap the clipboard and select Paste. Select Finish.

6. If you still SAMPrefs installed, navigate to / User / Library / Preferences and sought ways Hierarchies in the keyword SAM. Com.bingner.sam.plist delete the file if present. This will ensure that no set of previously installed SAM cause unnecessary conflict.

7. Turn off completely and restart your iPhone. (We will always remember you have to do with the Just Boot redsn0w Tethered Jailbreak if you have iOS 5.1).

8. Once back on the iPhone, after about a minute or two after the entry into the Home screen, you will be able to receive a signal from the Italian manager!

It seems a long process, but it will take more than five minutes to realize it! If by chance you have to restore your iPhone unlocked with SAM, you now know what to do to unlock it again!

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