Gevey Ultra SIM 2 Gene. to Unlock Baseband 04:11:08 and 04:12:01 on iPhone on the 4

SIM in the 2nd Gevey To unlock Generation
We recently reported the new SIM in the 2nd Gevey To unlock Generation, which promised the baseband 4:11:08 and 4:12:01 in the iPhone 4. They would have been sent from the 04/30/2012 to the Pre and other customers.

This has now become nothing. The SIM 2 Gevey Generation has been recalled because they do not work anymore.

This is because it was using the free SAM Unlock to unlock the device. Once the vulnerability was closed on the Apple activation server, the new SIM Gevey work no more.

The manufacturer or reseller apple berry launched the recall campaign:

Unfortunately, the GEVEY ™ Ultra 5.1 for iPhone 4 will no longer GSM unlock the iPhone 4 The firmware unlocking mechanism used in this model was based on Sun's Loktar discovery of an Apple server logic error that took advantage of an ICCID bug to unlock the iPhone modem. On April 27, Apple fixed this bug.

Gevey Ultra SIM 2 Gene
Gevey Ultra SIM 2 Gene

Apple Berry N, LLC is accepting returns for all GEVEY ™ Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 purchased on our website. Customers who have not yet received their shipment will automatically receive a full refund via their chosen payment method during checkout. Paypaly funds usually returns to user accounts within 10 days after we issue refunds.

The German reseller was the new SIM 2 Gevey Generation is already removed from the shop. The money was probably already reimbursed to the Pre, because of shipping until the 30.04. should go.

Much is striking, however, that free unlock option was used boldly in order to make a profit from it.
Unlock Baseband 04:11:08 and 04:12:01 on iPhone on the 4
Unlock Baseband 04:11:08 and 04:12:01 on iPhone on the 4

The unlock bug, discovered by Loktar_Sun stood open to all free Unlocker. About our instructions (here and there), we have you reported it. The SIM Gevey that exploiting the same vulnerability, however, should cost at € 39.95. And more info to Unlock iPhone 5 permanent.

We think it is a brazen fraud. It is therefore right to start a recall. Much better it would be if the SIM Gevey would use its own vulnerability, as it does in the baseband 02:10:04 to 04:10:01.

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