Apple is working on fix for their activation server

iOS 5 Unlock the means of SAM
The iOS 5 Unlock the means of SAM is not possible ever was, even at the release of the new unlock method safely. Apple is working according Musclenerd already working to close the gaps in the activation system. Devices that have been geunlockt via SAM, however, continue to keep the unlock. Backs up to you
but not necessarily the Activation ticket! Harmful by Patrick.

The famous IOS hacker MuscleNerd tweeted today that Apple is in the process to fix its Sever for the IOS activation. The found of Loktar_Sun unlock method via SAM is then no longer function well soon. All that their device however unlockten previously been using SAM (SAM manual for the latest version), this will also continue to use.

IOS hacker MuscleNerd tweeted today that Apple
IOS hacker MuscleNerd

About the fix for the activation system from Apple will be happy also Appleberry, their latest Ultra SIM Gevey released for the iPhone 4, which unlocks all iOS 5 base band (eg 04/11/08).

However, all SAM-Unlocker now must secure their ticket Activation. We already showed you in several posts out. Anyone who has secured his ticket Activation not always, this should now be done quickly via redsn0w 0.9.10b8.

Based on the SAM-Unlocks can also see impressive how quickly Apple responds to detected vulnerabilities now. FOR THE OPERATIONS. This simple 5-Unlocks iOS will get the company from Cupertino but also great pressure from the network provider. Finally, they have to subsidize the iPhone so not in vain - the buyer should also make calls on its network, not in foreign networks.

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