6 iOS for your iPhone or iPad - Apple WW DC 2012

 6 iOS for your iPhone or iPad
The dates for the annual developer conference Apple WW DC 2012 were announced this week. Without new iPhone, it's normally on this occasion that Apple will unveil the latest version of the sixth IOS.

IOS 5 changes were extremely numerous: IMessage, reminders,

Jailbreak AppleTV - Seas0npass and aTV Flash Black released for IOS 1.5

 aTV Flash Black released for IOS 1.5
Owner of a second-generation Apple TV can look forward yesterday about the new version of aTV Flash and Seas0nPass (black). These are now compatible with the latest firmware version 5.0 (IOS 5.1) for the Apple TV. When jailbreak with Seasn0npass however, it is a tethered jailbreak for each boot

Gevey Ultra SIM 2 Gene. to Unlock Baseband 04:11:08 and 04:12:01 on iPhone on the 4

SIM in the 2nd Gevey To unlock Generation
We recently reported the new SIM in the 2nd Gevey To unlock Generation, which promised the baseband 4:11:08 and 4:12:01 in the iPhone 4. They would have been sent from the 04/30/2012 to the Pre and other customers.

Cookie: Save and restore the activation of tickets directly on the iPhone!

iPhone activation: Cookies!
We've shown you how to manually back up the ticket activation of your iPhone unlocked with SAM. For the less experienced the iPhone-Dev Team has released a version of redsn0w which made automatic backup and much easier! To give you a new aid was granted a handy tweak on Cydia that will allow you to

SAM does not work anymore: Save your ticket activation before it is too late

SAM does not work anymore
As we have already had occasion to anticipate, Apple has closed the gaps in the iPhone activation servers that have enabled many users unlock using the SAM tool. The news was confirmed to us by many readers, throughout the day affected by

[Instructions] Update for Unlock Sim with SAM - Unlock for ALL iPhone models and ALL baseband versions

Update for Unlock Sim with SAM
The update provides a simplified procedure for the SIM Unlock with SAM
A few days ago we reported the unlock with SAM practice. This process involves many steps and is somewhat cumbersome. Muscle Nerd now provides us with a simplified solution to

Is what the hackers have to wait 6 iOS out the jailbreak?

6 iOS out the jailbreak
Here's a funny question! Yet it is one that currently poses pod2g on his blog, whether it is better to wait for the release of IOS 6.0 to release a new jailbreak tool.

Currently vote together more than 70,000 people, mostly iPhone

[Instructions] Sim Unlock for iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 iOS 5.1 with ultra-Snow Fixer

Sim Unlock for iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 iOS 5.1
UltraSn0w fixer allows you SIM unlock under iOS 5.1 for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G
Good news for all owners of an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G on the IOS version 5.1 with a SIM lock. Thanks to the Ultrasn0w Fixer-SIM Unlock will work on the IOS version 5.1. The first thing you need to check whether your iPhone is suitable for an unlock. To

(News) Apple is fixing their activation servers to block SAM

Apple is fixing their activation servers to block SAM
After the departure of the release by the SAM method, Apple is fixing the activation servers, which means it will block the activations that are made with this method. The good news is that still work the previous entries tucked through the SAM method.

New update SAM unlock your iPhone more easily - Cydia

New update SAM unlock
SAM, the Cydia application with which you can unlock any iPhone model and with any version of IOS was just updated so you can make the process easier.

(Tutorial) Unlock your iPhone with any IOS using SAM

Unlock your iPhone with any IOS using SAM
With this tutorial you will release any iPhone, that is, iPhone 3G, 3G, 4 and 4S. It is functional in all including IOS IOS 5.1. The basic requirement is to have done the jailbreak on your iPhone. To get the unlock or unlock the tutorial you will get then is a bit

SAM has stopped working

Well as we had previously reported SAM has stopped working, Congratulations to those who have achieved before time, because even restore may still have unlocked your iPhone, find out the details here.

(News) New method discovered to unlock any iPhone with SAM

 iPhone with SAM
I just read something important, and they have discovered a method to free any iPhone using the SAM method (Subscriber Artificial Module). This is a package that is found in Cydia and can be installed on any iPhone with Jailbreak.

SAM unlock for the iPhone gets update donated [Video Tutorial]

Earlier this week, caused the SAM universal unlock a stir in the iPhone scene. Finally the latest Unlock method doctored nearly all iPhone Basebands. Solely the premise of jailbreak, especially with regard to the latest IOS 5.1, probably many a bitter Unlock. But anyone who has already successfully installed

Apple is working on fix for their activation server

iOS 5 Unlock the means of SAM
The iOS 5 Unlock the means of SAM is not possible ever was, even at the release of the new unlock method safely. Apple is working according Musclenerd already working to close the gaps in the activation system. Devices that have been geunlockt via SAM, however, continue to keep the unlock. Backs up to you

Apple locks the iPhone Desimlock with SAM!

Apple locks the iPhone Desimlock with SAM!
Bad news for iPhone users who were thinking the iPhone with Desimlock Sat, Apple is trying to block the unlock code Sat, Hacker MuscleNerd announced via Twitter.
The good news is that those who have already completed

Update: Cydia, SAM allows you to unlock your iPhone on any baseband

Last Sunday, the new solution for the unlocked iPhone 4 and 4S was the buzz on the web: SAM! Downloadable and installable very simply and quickly on Cydia, SAM allows you to unlock your iPhone on any baseband. The author of Sam "Sam Bingner" has released

Apple begins to block the unlocked not SAM iPhone Unlock Trick

SAM iPhone Unlock Trick
For several days, exactly a week soon, a new toured the world in minutes. Why? Because it concerns the long-awaited unlocked our iPhones! This solution is Sat, very convenient, it allows to have a few seconds, and without much manipulation, which runs

Update Sat 0.1.16-1 for an easier Unlock iPhone

Sat Bingner released an update that makes the SAM Desimlock your iPhone even easier. The new method does not need to insert your original SIM card or use iTunes.

[TUTORIAL] SAM updates: the unlocked in a single click! [Method SAM]

iPhone unlocked in all baseband
Sunday Sat out the solution to your iPhone unlocked in all baseband (see article). Author Sam Bingner just dropped an update of SAM that allows you to simply unlocked your iPhone much more simply than before.

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 5.1 or 6 iOS jailbreak - Pod2g

If a iOS 5.1 jailbreak will be released really? Or should pod2g withhold use for IOS exploits and 6? pod2g now asks all jailbreak people if they want a iOS 5.1 jailbreak. 

implement iOS jailbreak is more difficult. Nevertheless pod2g

iOS 5 Unlock via SAM is now much simpler

My dear readers: However, not all at once create the unlock. The method is quite complicated for the layman. At many places you can easily make mistakes. But Sam Bingner published an update to its Cydia App SAM. This update (v0.1.16-1) provides numerous

GEVEY SIM unlocked 5.1 available from Technical SAT

Many of you have to wait a Unlock basbeande iphone 4 with 4.11, this info will delight you, know that the design team of GEVEY SIM unlocked just put on sale a new SIM GEVEY interposition. This new chip Unlock take charge again and new firmwear basebande including these: 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1, 4.10.1, 4.11.08, and 4.12.01,

The time of the jailbreak untethered iOS 5.1 is at least one month

untethered jailbreak of iOS 5.1
Pod2g has announced via his Twitter account that the output of the untethered jailbreak of iOS 5.1 is provided in over a month.

Release date for 5.1 JB: no idea! We will put the pieces together this week. We could have problems ... This could be in a month

iOS 5 Unlock by SAM without iTunes

iOS 5 Unlock by SAM without iTunes
My dear readers In this article we will show you a way to get the unlock even without iTunes running.

> For help with SAM with iTunes. Should you just using this method to the iTunes message "SIM card not detected" to fail,

Jailbreak iOS 5.1: not until a month or two - Pod2g

 jailbreak for iOS 5.1
Pod2g gives news this morning about the progress of the jailbreak for iOS 5.1, and that is via Twitter that tells us that he never saw the day before a month or two. This week, his team, they will gather together the various pieces of the puzzle for the jailbreak. It also

Redsn0w now in version 0.9.10b8b [update]

Redsn0w now in version 0.9.10b8b
The Dev-Team has released the new version of redsn0w, the 0.9.10b8. As a reminder, the tool allows the tethered jailbreak of IOS 5.1. The program for this update, the backup files for the activation unlocked "SAM".

[Tutorial] Sat: Unlock iPhone 3G - iPhone 4 - iPhone4S any baseband

iPhone4S any baseband
Good news for everyone, you can now unlock any iPhone on any baseband using Sat
This works for:

iPhone 3G

GEVEY Ultra 5.1: unlocked iPhone 4 iOS 5.1 baseband 04.11.08 and 04.12.01

GEVEY Ultra 5.1
The new Ultra allows GEVEY Sim (finally!) the Unlock your iPhone 4 iOS 5.1 as well as previous versions: iOS 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.2.1 / 4.3 / 4.3.1 / 4.3.2 / 4.3.3 / 4.3. 4 / 4.3.5 / 5.0 / 5.0.1 and supports basebands 01.59 / 02.10 / 03.10.1 / 04.10.1 / 04.11.08 and 12.04.01.

[Tutorial] How to save your ticket Unlock Sat iPhone with Redsn0w 0.9.10b8b

RedSn0w 0.9.10b8b
Here is the tutorial to save your ticket unlocked the iPhone using RedSn0w 0.9.10b8b after performing with the Unlock Sat
It is very important that you make this backup to ensure the further Unlock your SIM card in the future.

Unlock your Jailbroken iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Baseband with all the patch Sat

Unlock your Jailbroken iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Baseband
Loktar_Sun, a Chinese hacker, just to make it possible for any unlocked jailbroken iPhone iOS 5 and above, following the discovery of a vulnerability in the ICCID. With patch SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module), available for free on Cydia, you

Redsn0w 0.9.10b8b backup folder after the iPhone Unlock with SAM

RedSn0w 0.9.10b8b
The Dev-Team has updated its jailbreak tool RedSn0w 0.9.10b8b version with the option to save the tickets after the iPhone with Unlock Sat
Redsn0w 0.9.10b8b adds the ability to save arbitrary directories or files on your device in a zip file on your Mac or PC. The new

Unlock iPhone 4 and 4S for all Baseband 4.11.08 - Of SAM

 Baseband 4.11.08
A new method to unlock your iPhone 4 or 4S just made its appearance, it's Sat This new method is very impressive, it can unlock your iPhone in all baseband.

We have prepared a tutorial:

Sat Unlock all iphones on all IOS baseband 04.11.08 and more!

Sat Unlock all iphones on all IOS baseband 04.11.08
With SAM you can Unlock all iphones stuck on a particular operator. SAM is a quick fix to unlock any iphone, namely Sat unlock iphone 4S basebande on all IOS and IOS 5.X until 5.1, similar to the iphone 4 and the famous basebande 04.11 or 04.12 you can now Unlock easily . Unlock for your iphone with SAM you

Tutoriel Unlocked iPhone with SAM Baseband 4.11.08 And More !

Tutoriel Unlocked iPhone with SAM Baseband 4.11.08
Search for "SAM" in the search for your iPhone or watch if you SAMPrefs on your springboard.
Attention, well put the SIM card which you intend to serve you in the future.

Untethered jailbreak of the iPhone and the iPad 4S 2 iOS 5.0.1 with redsn0w 0.9.10b7

Redsnow just been updated to version 0.9.10b7, it brings some new features such as the arrival of Corona for untethered jailbreak of the iPhone and the iPad 2 4S iOS 5.0.1.
Here is what announces the Dev Team for the next version of redsnow, it will restore your iDevice without going through

4/4S unlock your iPhone with SAM - baseband 04.11.08

4/4S unlock your iPhone with SAM
A Chinese hacker has discovered a way to unlock the iPhone using 4 and 4S Sat

To proceed unlocked you can simply install the

New enhancements to Unlock iPhone 4 On 4.11.08 Baseband Running iOS 5.1 - GEVEY Ultra SMS

Dear readers JailbreakSet, during these days when unlock Jailbreak was prectaven Red Hot patch. With the improvement of the new method of unlocking the iphone 4 which is called Sam Bingner's Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM), the new model now has the support of GSM iphone 4 that can run on IOS 5.1,

SIM card GEVEY SUPREME Unlock iPhone 4 Jailbreak - 4.11.08

SIM card GEVEY SUPREME Unlock iPhone 4
Presentation of the card GEVEY Supreme Desimlock iPhone 4
Whatever your operator, the Supreme GEVEY Sim will unlocked your iPhone 4. Compared to previous versions that required to call 112 each time you start the iPhone to work, you will now just do the first time you insert the GEVEY and your Sim into your

Unlock GEVEY Turbo SIM To iPhone 4 Baseband 04.11.08

Unlock GEVEY Turbo SIM To iPhone 4 Baseband 04.11.08
A SIM card hack known as GEVEY sim was released to unlock the iPhone 4 running the latest software and iOS 4.3 baseband.
The hack involves something SIM plate, which must be inserted in the SIM card drawer with the current SIM card GEVEY you want to use your iPhone 4.

Update Cydia Tweaks: Posts + 1.3.1, 1.3.10 and IntelliscreenX MyWi 5.50.10

+ Messages just hunt on the land of the famous application messages for jailbroken devices. As biteSMS, it proposes to read posts from a popup and respond or send a message quickly.The Tweak to version 1.3.1 and openssl suppirme dependence.+

Information about the untethered jailbreak of iOS 5.1 - Pod2g

Pod2g announced via Twitter that the Dev-Team now has all the feats needed to release a jailbreak iOS 5.1 for the new iPad 3.

News: we have all the feats needed to make a new jailbreak. I work on bypassing ASLR during startup.Although the team has all the achievements, it will take some time to assemble them into a tool to

Unlock iPhone 4 From AT& T Free - Using Online supports [ Video]

My dear readers, so far unlocking the iphone 4 was difficult and paid in dollars. Already the company AT & T began to unlock iphones for free through online communication.

Already AT & T announced that as of 8 April will begin

Pod2g gives us some news about the jailbreak IOS 5.1

It's been awhile since we had not had any news about the jailbreak untethered iOS 5.1. Today is the hacker pod2g splint to it via twitter. He tells us they've finally all the exploits to create a new jailbreak and that right now he is working on how to bypass ASLR

Nothing Else: Unlock iPhone 4S IOS 5.x all baseband 04.11.08

Many of you have the latest Apple iPhone 4S but a detail often prevents you from enjoying your Smartphone and for good reason: it is simlock (blocked) on another operator that your SIM card and this time you end up with iPod Touch DeluxForget

All necessary for an IOS exploits found 1.5 jailbreak release

For a long time, specifically about a month, the last status update regarding the many hackers iOS 5.1 jailbreak ago. But the long wait was worth it. pod2g tweeted today a very positive message. According to him, the Chronic Dev Team has all the necessary exploits to provide a iOS 5.1 jailbreak for all IOS

A new GEVEY Sim unlock for iPhone 4S 4 4.11.08: Unlock TPSIM

A new GEVEY Sim unlock for iPhone 4S 4 4.11.08
The return link is required, place a link on The ChinaSnow, a new team dedicated to désimlockage the iPhone, has succeeded the désimlockage the iPhone 4S. A kind of GEVEY Sim unlock TPSIM called, is a chip that will allow unlocked the baseband of the iPhone 4S: 1.0.11, 1.0.13 and 1.0.14.

Boot loop no longer force you to update iOS 5

The famous IOS developer Saurik seems to have had stressful and busy days in the last week. Besides the familiar theme Winterboard platform he updatete namely, the mobile device pre-installed app on any gejailbreakten substrate.Mobile substrate you do not know, do you need this update insonfern not? Think again! 

Pod2g gives news about the jailbreak [SHIFT]

Great news this morning, our dear pod2g just gave news about the untethered jailbreak of IOS 5.1. This is via Twitter that he writes: "News: We Have all deeds required to do a new jailbreak. I'm working on bypassing ASLR at bootup. "Or," We all needed to

A look behind the iOS 5.1 Jailbreak & Unlock development

The best-known developers, security experts and Co. our jailbreak scene (Charlie Miller, Dion Blazakis, Dino DaiZovi, Stefan Esser, Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf-Philip Weinmann) are collaborating on a book that offers a closer look at the iOS world. The book provides the foundation for the entry in